How to Get Rid of Peeling Skin


Our skin consists of 3 layers

  • Upper layer or (Epidermis)
  • Middle layer or (Dermis)
  • Inner layer or (Hypodermis)

Peeling of skin is a symptom in itself. Defined as damage or loss of upper layer of our skin (epidermis) along with dryness, itching, rash or other problems like inflammatory processes of skin such as sunburn, eczema, medications and their reaction, burns, or any condition that forms blisters may cause peeling of skin area where blister exist. People with dry skin are at the highest risk of having peeling the skin and often worried about how to get rid of peeling skin on their face or other parts of the body.

How to Get Rid of Peeling Skin

No one likes to present peeled or ugly face before others. One can hide other parts of the body by covering it, but unfortunately face can’t be hidden. Thanks to nature which has provided us best natural remedies to cope with.

Cucumber for Peeling Skin

Is Cucumber made for salads only? The very easy answer is “No”. Cucumber has numerous health benefits too. There is a fair amount of water in it to hydrate or moisturize skin. It has Vitamin A and C. Also contains Caffeic Acid to make it antioxidant which protects skin from damage, cures sunburn and irritations.

Grated Cucumber

  • To make its paste for peeling skin, you will have to grate a cucumber
  • Apply the paste on affected areas
  • Let 15 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse it off with warm water
  • To maintain skin moisture you have to do this at least twice a day for 1-2 weeks

Cucumber with Aloe Vera

  • You have to peel a Cucumber and mix fresh Aloe Vera gel with a mixer blender till it turns to smooth paste
  • Apply on your skin
  • Wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse it out with warm water
  • To get optimum results you have to do this once daily

Yogurt for Peeling Skin

Most of us eat yogurt as a delicious food or to add flavor in our dishes, but only a few of us actually know the healing secrets of yogurt. The secret of yogurt is, whether we eat it or apply it topically, skin can be saved from sunburn and irritations. It contains Zinc, Latic Acid, Calcium, Vitamins B, B5, B12. It helps treat peeling skin and other disorders related to skin.

To use Yogurt for peeling skin treatment,

Yogurt with Honey

  • Make a mixture of yogurt and honey
  • Mix 2 tablespoon of yogurt and 2 tablespoons of honey (beat and mix thoroughly)
  • Apply on your face or skin
  • Wait for some time to let it dry
  • Rinse with warm water
  • For better results try this at least twice a day

Yogurt with Banana

  • Mix 2 tablespoon of yogurt and ripe banana pulp in a bowl till it turns to a creamy mixture
  • Topically apply this mixture on areas where you are having peeling skin
  • Allow 15 minutes and then wash with warm water
  • To get relief out of this mixture, you have to apply this two times daily

Peeling skin treatment by Oils

Olive Oil Nourishes Skin

Olive oil is rich in Vitamins E and A, Minerals, Fatty Acids, and Antioxidants etc. Also has anti-aging properties to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Nourish our skin that’s why being used for skin care and other beauty products. Widely used for peeling skin treatment.

Extra Virgin Oil

  • Put some extra-virgin olive oil and lukewarm it in microwave
  • It should be rubbed and massaged gently onto the body or the affected areas
  • Keep massaging until it penetrates deep in the skin
  • Recommended 3 times a day until you feel better

Olive Oil with Salt

  • A thick paste should be made of salt and olive oil (as per the requirement)
  • Use this paste as a scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells
  • For better results, my suggestion is to do twice a week until you recover completely

Plain Olive Oil

  • Olive oil can be directly applied for instant relief on your skin to get rid of peeling skin.
  • Make a paste of olive oil, egg yolk, rose water and lemon juice and apply on affected area

Grapes Seed Oil for Skin

Strange, isn’t it? Very few of us are familiar with this kind of oil but don’t worry you will find it easily in the market. Grapes seed oil is smart enough to heal various kinds of skin diseases, it removes dry skin from face and body and helps in clearing wrinkles and fine lines. It is also used to treat peeling skin effectively

  • Take a few drops of grapes seed oil on your palm
  • Make sure that your palm is oily enough
  • Rub it or massage gently on your face or body (peeling affected area)
  • Let the oil be absorbed
  • Don’t use if you have an oily skin

Coconut Oil for Skin

This is the one we all are familiar, without any doubt. You should love coconut for thousands of reasons for its countless benefits.

For Normal Skin

  • Warm some coconut oil on low heat or ( in microwave )
  • Rub and massage gently unless and until it is absorbed by the affected areas of skin.
  • To get results within few days, follow up this remedy 2-3 times a day

For Extremely Dry Skin

  • For extremely dry skin just massage with this oil anywhere on your body without any fear
  • Apply a little coconut oil on your face to reduce dry and peeling skin problem

Sesame Oil a Natural Sunscreen

Sesame oil contains vitamin E which acts as antioxidant to protect us from direct

Exposure to the sunlight. It is the best emollient and moisturizer as a whole. Prevents bacterial growth, repairs damaged skin cells, serves as a detoxifier and fights against aging. Sesame oil can be applied before and after the bath as well.

  • Have a hot shower/bath and let your skin slightly wet
  • Massage your face and body with oil
  • Let it for 10 minutes
  • Remove remaining oil from your body
  • Sesame oil traps moisture to keep you moisturized whole day long


  • Apply the sesame oil to your body
  • Wait for 10 minutes at least and go to have a hot bath to wipe out toxins from your skin
  • If its smell is irritating you, add some other oil like almond or olive oil