Woman went to give birth, woke up with no legs

Ella Clarke was preparing for one of the memorable moment for every mum, to have a baby. She was ready for it, while leaving for hospital. But instead of just handing over the baby to Ella, doctors had another news for her that definitely shattered her.

The normal cesarean section for her, as she is already a mother of six children, turned into a nightmare. And after giving birth to the baby she woke up five days later with her both legs amputated in the fight to save her life.

Ella, 31, says:

“I feel like my life has been taken away from me.”

“I went from being an active mum doing the school runs and chasing my family around the garden to instantly wheelchair-bound.”

“I couldn’t stop crying. No human being should ever have to experience this. And it could have been avoided.”

Ella was already a mother of six children became pregnant in March 2015. She was already informed by the midwife that because of low lying placenta, she may have to go through cesarean section.

Ella already had 6 cesarean sections so it was not something abnormal or worrisome for her.

During 36th week of pregnancy, she began to bleed and was taken to Torbay Hospital in Torquay where she was informed that c-section was inevitable.

A healthy baby girl was delivered but during the procedure, Ella lost around six litres of blood. This can happen due to a complication if a mother has past history of caesarean sections. She had to receive five blood transfusions and had to go through induced comma.

In the intensive care unit, she had to be under close observation and monitoring as she could have clotting problem as well. But allegedly forgot to check for six hours during which she already had clotted legs and blood circulation was stopped.

Although she was rushed for surgery to get her circulation removed again but it was already too late. And doctors had to decide to amputate her both legs as the tissues had given off poisonous toxins which could stop her heart if left unattended.

After a long surgery of 8 hours both her legs were amputated and it was only after 5 days later that she woke up to get this heart reckoning news.

She says:

I remember the moment. I thought I was waking up from my C-section.I expected my beautiful little baby girl to be passed to me. I had no idea I’d been in a coma.

Instead I was told doctors had amputated my legs. At the time I was in a haze of medication.

But the reality started to hit home when Winter Rose was placed in my arms and my restricted future flashed before me.

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